About Index Exchange

Trusted name in Money Transfer & Currency Exchange Business.

Established in 1976, and licensed by the Central Bank of United Arab Emirates, Index has stood as a beacon of trust and reliability, serving individual customers, SMEs and corporates across UAE. Being one of the oldest exchange companies, our legacy is deeply rooted in a commitment to excellence and unwavering customer satisfaction. We have weathered the tides of change, adapting to the evolving dynamic needs of our customers, and are rapidly moving towards digital channels for all aspects of our services.

We provide fast and secure cross-border payments for individuals and corporates, buy and sell over 60 currencies, facilitate bill payments and process salaries through WPS. Our outreach extends to over 100 countries in collaboration with global banks, international payment companies and money transfer organizations.

Index applies the highest priority to Compliance procedures in conformity with Regulatory expectations and directives. The culture of Compliance permeates every level of the Company’s operations, and adequate resources are allocated towards continuous staff training in compliance techniques and in acquiring the latest tools of screening and monitoring.

Index is jointly owned by Al Hail Holding and Global Development Group, two leading investment companies headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The Shareholders have interests in banking and financial services, real estate, retail, security and workforce outsourcing, technology, Web3 enabled marketplace and home healthcare one-stop shop. Leading international institutions are joint -venture partners in some of these affiliates.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Index Exchange was founded on the guiding principles of reliability & customer first. These guiding principles have been at the front of everything we have done over the last 44 years and the basis of what we will be doing in the years to come.

Our Vision

To become a leading brand in remittances and currency exchange in order to connect people across the world.

Our Mission

To remain accessible to our customers by having a conveniently located branch network coupled with technology driven solutions so as to offer round the clock services.

Core Values

Integrity: We are honest and transparent in all our dealings.
Trust: Our reliability is driven through our customers’ trust in us.
Innovation: We believe in using technology to provide convenient solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
Service: Our people are polite and service oriented and will always work to protect our customers’ interests.